Do you need a special little gift for a special little person? These mini eco gifts make for the perfect gifts and can be used for many occasions such as: 

- Sibling gifts

- Birthday presents

- Party Favours 

- Christmas presents 

Choose your plantable card design and you have yourself the perfect little treasure to give to someone special. 


Poppy and Daisy Natural Playdough:

Let the children's fine motor skills and imagaintion run wild as they start creating with this beautiful playdough kit. The natural playdough mini eco kit includes lavender scented playdough filled with eco glitter, a star cutter, a wooden rolling pin and a wooden imprint press. 


Poppy and Daisy DIY Bookmark:

This is perfect for slightly older children. Let them get creative and see the unqiue patterns they come up with. The DIY bookmark mini eco kit includes a wooden rectangular bookmark, a threading needle, 4 different coloured wools and a beaded loop. 


Poppy and Daisy Tic Tac Toe:

This gift set is perfect to keep in the car or in a childs bag. It is perfect for those on the go moments so children can use this when they are out and about. The Tic Tac Toe mini eco kit includes clay, a round cutter, a wooden rolling pin and a jar of small wooden symbols to help create the pieces. The calico bag acts as the Tic Tac Toe playing board. 


Hello Petal plantable cards:

These amazing cards are handmade and created to be environmentally friendly. Each card is printed on recycled paper and is filled with swan river daisies. The recipient is able to plant their card and watch some beautiful flowers bloom, this is part of the gift that keeps on giving. Choose between the following designs: Rainbow, Grow wild and Free, Hello darling wildflower and hello sunshine.