Our Billie gift box is perfect for a new arrival or as a baby shower gift. It features the following goodies:

Handmade by Mogg Bunny:

This bunny has been created with the utmost care and love. Handmade and crocheted on the sunshine coast, this is the perfect addition to any childs bedroom. Choose between a brown, blue or pink bunny. 


The. Simple. Stuff essential oils combo:

Be prepared with this combo pack of 4 essential oil roller blends to help with those difficult times with bub. The 4 blends includes:

  • Teething baby: The teething baby essential oil blend has a mixture of Lavender and Roman Chamomile to calm and ease the aches of teething.
  • Calm baby: The calm baby essential oil blend has as mixture of Lavender, Cedarwood and Copaiba to help promote calm and balance within our little ones and to help ease and settle those tantrums, frustrations and tired afternoons.
  • Sleeping baby: The sleeping baby essential oil blend has a mixture of Lavender and Etiver to help promote the feeling of being clam and content to allow our little ones to sleep well.
  • Sniffly baby: The sniffly baby essential oil blend has a mixture of Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lemon and Peppermint to help with runny noses and sleepless nights in those winter winter months. 


Hello Petal plantable cards:

These amazing cards are handmade and created to be environmentally friendly. Each card is printed on recycled paper and is filled with swan river daisies. The recipient is able to plant their card and watch some beautiful flowers bloom, this is part of the gift that keeps on giving. Choose between the following designs: Rainbow, Grow wild and Free, Hello darling wildflower and hello sunshine.