Protecting and helping our environment

We take huge pride that our company is environmentally friendly and we have chosen to continue this through to our packaging. 

Our boxes are made from 100% cardboard. We encourage you to reuse these boxes as a memory keepsake box to store all of those treasured memories in of bub. If you choose not to reuse these boxes, each box can be recycled.

We have chosen to use wood wool filling inside our boxes. It will keep your products secure and safe but is also eco friendly, biodegradable and can  be recycled. 

Once each box is filled, it will be secured with tissue paper on the inside. We have chosen to use tissue paper as it can be composted into your garden. 

Each box is finished with a white ribbon. We encourage you to reuse this ribbon when wrapping your own presents. 

When posting our gift boxes, each one will be placed into a compostable satchel. These can be cut up and placed into your garden and will break down and turn into fertiliser in 90 - 120 days.